Toddler wrangling I ain’t no expert

Welcome this is my first attempt at blogging but I really felt the urge to get my hilarious attempts at wrangling my two year old out there!!! 
How did this choice come about you ask easy as I was chasing my naked two year old across the lounge room floor this morning in attempt to dress her so we could go out into the world. 
As I sat down exhausted from chasing an active child who finally at least had her pull up nappy on have me that all knowing grin, the one where she squints her eyes, grits her teeth ever so slightly lifts her little leg then boom her nappy fills with an explosion to rival mine after a night of heavy drinking and bad kebabs!!!! 
I look her in the eye for that two second gap before I hear the familiar rrrrriiippp of the side tags of her nappy please NOOO. I move towards her slowly as not to start another game of chase, I get within arms reach when bang nappy is off she has thrown it at my foot which is now covered in pooh as she skips off down the hallway with that ever so cute smile!
So I thought why not share these riveting moments every parent goes through on the World Wide Web as the saying goes just for shits and giggles because that is what wrangling a toddler at this time is all about for me shits and giggles and it is worth every minute now where did I leave her favourite shoes I need to convince her to get to the car! Enjoy your day 🙂

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