Toddlers are taking over the world

Toddlers are taking over the world one sleep deprived parent at a time…… 

I have come to this conclusion whilst looking through pictures of myself as a child I was nowhere near as advanced as the smart phone, app using, tv controlling toddlers we have today.
An example is the daytime nap I don’t know about other parents but I long for these precious moments, not to clean, not to gather my thoughts. Just to close my eyes and nap right along next to her so I am always met with disappointment when I say “time for a nap” and get “NO” back I have even recalled days where I have bribed my child with ice blocks just to get that heavenly 30 mins sleep.
A second example is the nightly wake ups you know the ones where you have just gotten into a deep exhaustive sleep and you hear mummy screeching into the night( amazing how to you it is screaming though your husband can’t hear it) up you get just for the said toddler to stand there saying “come on mum cup of tea” whilst 1am is not the ideal time for imaginary tea parties toddlers use it as part of the plan and they do look so cute even at ungodly hours of the morning.
You know the plan is working it is easy to spot the sleep deprived parent they are generally the ones walking around in a zombie like state saying “don’t touch that” or “ta for mummy” whilst they try to control a toddler yelling the warcry of “me me me me me me” whilst not a clear direction most sleep deprived parents go into action grabbing everything in the vicinity saying “do you want this” handing over there wallets, mobile phones, keys and anything else the toddler desires to make them stop yelling that insidious “me me ME ME”. 
I have been told on many occasions that I will get to sleep through the night again and be in charge of my toddler but for now her zombie tactics are working she is taking over the world WELL at least our world!!!!!

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