Cooking with a toddler 101

Cooking with a toddler 101

I recall a conversation I had with a mother when I first learnt I was pregnant, you know the one I will make all my child’s meals they will be organic and my child will not eat processed foods. She looked at me kindly and said that’s nice if I was paying more attention I probably would have caught that “ha you have noooo idea” look in her eye.
I now look back and think wow how delusional was I!!! Don’t get me wrong it started out well for the first few months of her being on solids then I discovered all organic jar food and I never looked back it was soooo easy I didn’t even care when people looked in my trolley full of store bought rusks and baby food this was way easier. If I ever felt guilty I would just tip it in a tupperwear container and NOOONE was the wiser.
As little miss grew into a robust toddler she developed her own sense of taste and became extremely vocal on what she would eat for tea. If you drop into my house on any given day between 5 and 6pm (witching hour) you are likely to walk into a scene of absolute chaos it generally starts as soon as said toddler sees me start grabbing things from the fridge to make dinner she will stand at the toddler gate and begin her interrogation on what’s for tea “mmmm num num” translates to “is that tea what is it” I reply ” yes darling mums making spaghetti and mince ” she will stand there for 30 seconds before deciding I have had plenty of time to prepare her meal “me mum me mum me mum come on” I walk to the fridge grab her a Cheerio and hand it to her before returning to  the stove she takes a bite throws it in the ground ” yuk me mum num num num” rubbing her belly like she hasn’t been fed in a week.
I pour myself a glass of wine and keep cooking trying to drown out the constant yelling of num num num from little miss who is pulling the chairs over at the dining table in protest on the wait for dinner.
I finally get it on a plate put her meal on the table she takes a bite pokes her tongue out to scrap the horrible taste off her tongue and throws tea on the ground WELL she doesn’t want spaghetti tonight I raid the cupboard for something else in the meantime my dinner goes cold as I find a can of baked beans (woohoo easy she loves baked beans) I heat them quickly and serve them to her she seems content to eat them yes!!!!
I make the mistake of walking away from the table to reheat my meal and turn around to little miss making baked bean soup with her cup of water tipped into the now overflowing bowl (insert large exhale) ok what’s left aghhhh two minute noodles never fail I heat them up and what the hell I will eat them too my dinner has been reheated and is probably a bowl of breeding bacteria by now I will give it to the dogs!!!
It’s a hit she eats the whole bowl and licks it clean a full belly is good. I feel no guilt over processed foods anymore a happy toddler is a happy mum and if that means oven cooked chips fish fingers and two minute noodles that is what’s on the menu!! Happy dining all 🙂

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