My Preschooler is a Jedi and Christmas is Coming!!


As I am writing my pre-schooler is running around the house singing Merry Christmas in October and writing her list for Santa. I guess this leaves plenty of time for Santa to get organised, as it is almost completely Frozen themed. This year her biggest request is for Frozen stuff (no not the frozen food type at woolworths) the one she has requested in particular is a house for Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.

If you haven’t started looking for a Frozen doll house yet here is a heads up yesterday in Target there was one left and the helpful staff tell me they MAY get more in stock before Christmas!!!!!!!!!!So start the internet shopping now. Some smarter parents have got in before me and a quick browse of the auctions on e-bay, have some of the Frozen mansions bids already up to $500 (at that price I will buy a normal doll house and paint it blue). So I am predicting clashing trolleys, crazy eyed parents and pleading parents trying to get their hands on anything Frozen in time for Santa to deliver on Christmas day. I  know if I was thinking ahead I would have got these things at the mid year sale but where is the challenge in that.

Now if you thought frozen fever was coming to a close, there is a rumour in the parent world of pending doom!!!!! A second Frozen movie is in production and it will be coming to a cinema near you in the near future. I already find myself waking in a cold sweat at night thinking about it, for some reason I can’t “Let it go”, it just seems, “for the first time in forever”, it was nearly over but Christmas is nearly here and I just know I may be asked, “Do you want to build a snowman” which is completely impractical in the tropics literally impossible but hey “I just can’t wait to do, what frozen things do in summer” so no there is no end to frozen fever anytime soon.

In other news the pre-schooler has obtained a new skill (jedi-mind trick) reverse psychology. She is even applying it in her negotiation skills. This has caught me well off guard as I did not obtain this skill until at least 10 I think. The moment I realised what was going on was a normal day just like any other,  when pre-schooler asked “I don’t want that banana mummy, it has sugar in it”, I laughed in reply “You can have it, there is no sugar it is fine”, then the look of accomplishment ahh dear mummy I have you in the palm of my hand. She then proceeded to eat the whole bunch, my protests were met with, “It’s ok mummy, there is no sugar in it”.

I was surprised but thought no just a coincidence this is until it continued a Friday night, a movie on TV, bedtime approaching she asks “Aww it is bedtime mummy it is sleep time” with that sad look in her eyes, I could almost sense her sending a telepathic message, it’s ok stay awake watch your movie I tell her “It’s okay wait until your movie finishes”. The smile spreads she leans back in the chair, she knows she holds the power. I do not know when pre-schoolers hold these meetings and pass on their tips but it is happening! Be aware it may happen to you now I must go Pre-schooler is asking to put up the Christmas TREE as she neeedddddssss it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy days fellow parenting warriors =)


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