Mission school possible 004!

WOW just WOW this morning little jedi had her boss boots on and executed the perfect plan to drive mummy to the brink and wheel me back in again.

It commenced at 7 when I asked little jedi to please get up and get ready for school this was met by her doona over the head and “I am tired”.I quickly realise this means it’s time for my mission boots to go on, deep breath and go go go!!!

(Insert Bond music) Mission 1 get child moving:
After asking 20 times, removing the doona,opening the curtains, tickling her feet she spontaneously Jedi jumps up wide awake “OK MUMMY WAKE UP TIME”. Excuse me I obviously forgot you were waiting for 7:15 precisely to get up we are now running behind.

Mission 2 breakfast:
Enter kitchen I grab out some peaches and yoghurt which little jedi points to and says “no disgusting I want this” as she holds up a tin of sardines and rice crackers, we argue for ten minutes before she decides she wants yoghurt and peaches (fancy that). She sits at table in her underwear eating at the pace of a sedated turtle aghhhhh! I run to the bathroom get changed into work clothes and brush hair in record time it is now 7:40!!! In the 1 minute I have been gone Jedi got sidetracked and now has her dinosaur cards out I ask her to finish her breakfast to which she replies, “Hang on just looking”.

I am moving between deep breaths and honey darling sweetheart please get dressed begging. She decides she doesn’t want breakfast now and would like assistance getting dressed.

Commence mission 3 dress child:
Jedi believes it should be free dress day I inform her it isn’t and a mini meltdown commences she then agrees to wear her uniform before we start hair after asking me continuously for an Elsa braid it is in a ponytail after she has taken her hairtie out for the third time and I am moving out the door.

Commence mission 4 get to car: She has one foot out the door when she decides she simply must wear her rainbow shoes instead of her black shoes today. This is her last ditch effort to push mummy to the brink I sigh loudly in defeat and start to move into bribery mode when I see a smile move across her face as she laughs just tricking puts her shoes on and runs to the car yelling hurry up mummy!!! I jam some tissues under my sweaty arms and head for the car mission accomplished and it is only monday!! Have a great week parenting warriors xo


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