But do I have toooo!!!!!

Well I would love to start this off enthusiastically but the “Do I have too” and “But why” blues are in full swing. Just to clarify this isn’t even the little Jedi acting this way it is all MEEEE!!! Being an adult just really sucks sometimes. Getting out of bed and wearing presentable clothes to work is just unbearable DAM it I just want to wear a tiara, odd socks, a tutu and scream at people “YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME, I AM THE BOSS, THE MOON IS DOWN THE SUN IS UP TIME TO PLAY” (These are direct quotes from Jedi that I enviously wish to use).

Instead I dress appropriately and go about my day being as adult (within reason) as I can be until I get home. I then use my daughter as an excuse to put my hair in pigtails and pretend to be a puppy for an hour playing, wake up doggy wake up now. WHY because it’s fun dam it why do we lose all imagination and wonder when we grow up. Instead of relishing in adventures and new discoveries we get about all trying to be as natural and responsible as we can be. I remember blaming becoming a new parent for my zombie like behaviour and YES sleep deprivation played a massive part, however maybe I did forget about the wonder in the world for a small amount of time.

Today as I was doing afternoon pick up I looked longingly at all the arts and crafts Jedi got to do at care today and was jealous YEP straight up jealous. I really wanted to sit down and make myself a pasta necklace and just glue some paper together because it is fun dam it. Might even paint some stuff including my shirt my hair and my shoes for fun. I snapped out of it quickly though as Jedi came bounding out a thousand miles an hour telling me all about her day.

I know I need to set a good example and all the rest, but it really seems to me that the 5 year olds of the world have it more together then most adults at times. They may not be able to drive themselves anywhere or pay the bills but they can make a decision without it taking twenty meetings, a report and a how to self help book.

For example something as simple as what to have for lunch takes me¬†15 minutes of staring at the fridge followed by ughh I will just buy something. Jedi makes that decision between packing her bag and¬†putting her shoes on yoghurt, carrot, banana and cruskits please. she plays because she wants to, she has a rest because she wants to, she holds my hand at random times because she wants to, all her decisions are dictated by the simple rule of I like it, it’s fun or because I want too!! WOOAH¬† that simple hey, well maybe we should let¬†pre-schoolers make all the big decisions!! (WARNING I am Joking DO NOT let them make the big decisions)

On the plus I am learning from the Jedi she is easing the sleep deprivation and now showing me all the things I was missing. The pretend fairies hiding in the garden, the fun in dancing in the lounge, the squishy fun of play doh through your hands. She opens my eyes to the world in a way I never could have done with my adult eyes. So while I may be feeling the back to work and exhaustion blues I will get over it soon enough. Now I am off to bed to dream of running through the halls at work screaming I am off to the magical forrest while dressed in a dinosaur costume =) Happy days warriors xo





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