School, ballet and coffee!!

2016-02-20 10.51.00Good morning warriors hope you are all doing fabulous. So Jedi has started ballet and she assures me she will be a super ballerina after today 😄 so while she is dancing away I have glorious peace, sipping my coffee in the foyer feeling a bit la dee da this ballet mum suits me hahaha.

We have all settled into school with complete panic and chaos every morning. I am just hoping another parent is going to tell me the magical number of times I have to tell Jedi to get up, eat breakfast and get dressed so we can get out the door quicker.

My mornings at the moment start at 6:30am I put Jedi’s breakfast on the table and ask her to get up, she moans and rolls over then goes back to sleep 15minutes later I am half dressed when she decides to jump up suddenly “mum come on I have school” really child you think I didn’t know that.

She races out to the table sits down and then with complete disgust”I don’t want this I don’t like it” (WHAT you loved it yesterday deep breaths) “too bad that is breakfast”.

She starts eating one sloooowww painful mouthful at a time another 15 minutes pass andshe has eaten three mouthfuls between “hey mum, hey mum,mum hello mummmmmmyyyy” and telling me about some tree house in a hidden forrest.

My hair is not cooperating fuck it I look out the bathroom door and yell “get dressed please darling”, Hang on wtf are you doing she has pulled out all her dvds and is sorting through them on the floor!!!! “Mum can I watch ninja turtles” “No get dressed child” and then….”but why”.

“Please please please get dressed” I give up on my hair throw on the nearest work clothes pack her lunch and bag and think ok let’s go. Turn around to see her naked wtf she was half dressed two minutes ago “I can’t do my buttons” (so you got undressed what in the!! ok breathe 1 2 3 4) ok dress child, brush her hair, out the door fuck socks where are all the fucking socks grab nearest pairs neither of us are wearing matching pairs but it is 7:25am and we need to move.

Right lets go she runs to the car yelling “Run Mum I will be late for school” the audacity OMG ok let’s go!!!

Embrace the chaos warriors xo


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