Weddings,Babies, barbies and friendships.

Good evening Warriors been a while since I updated the blog but it has been a whirlwind month May with two weddings, the birth of my best friends baby and general keeping up with Jedi.

Where to start well up here in Darwin the weather has changed and we are moving into the gorgeous dry season perfect outdoor weather to run Jedi ragged in the neverending battle to burn up all that energy she seems to extract from me and her father while she sleeps.

With the wedding of my Gorgeous friend Alicia, Jedi has taken an interest in the concept of marriage. Bedtime stories now consist of Princes bringing her fluffy bunnies from far away seas and asking to marry her and they will have lots of babies. I am not mentally prepared to explain to her just yet how babies are really created lets be honest the theory that a stunning lad from across the seas gives you a bunny then babies miracously appear is a nicer story anyway.

This was a convenient explanantion when my bestie had her sweet baby boy a week later, Jedi was very concerned how the baby got in her belly in the first place but forgot about it after some distracting pictures and look how cute he is. What your bestie having a newborn does drum home is how amazing the female body is, to nourish and care for this tiny little human on no sleep and after a mammoth labour is astounding. While it brought back memories in just how tuff those first few days are it also made me stop stand back and appreciatte all life has given me, what a journey so far. I have over the years acquired a beautiful group of friends and they make life so much richer by just being there as we all share our intertwining lives.

So while I am dealing with the general female hormones and all the tears that come with celebrating all these milestones with my favourite women Jedi has been learning about emotions. So now when she is told to pack up or go to bed she aptly tells me I am breaking her heart, by being horribly mean, just for others reference telling her “Ha well sweetheart I will break your heart even more in a minute, if you do not go to bed all your shopkins will go in the bin” will not make her trot off to bed no no no she will just cry and tell Daddy how mean her mummy is and tomorrow she is telling her teacher and I will be in so much trouble.

While on the subject of childrens toys we have reached the BARBIE age, being an only child apparently mummy has to play barbies every weekend for hours and hours, I have tried tag teaming out with daddy but that never lasts, I swear he purpously didn’t play right so now it is all on me. As a result I have a strong dislike for barbies and if they where to all dissappear one night I would not be upset however Jedi may be and that is the only thing stopping me.

Talking of Barbie even after taking her to a playdate to play barbies with her bestie she is still keen to get them out right on dinner time to play. I am off to shot a glass of wine before playing barbie goes on a bustrip (hope I get Ariel)

Happy days Warriors xo


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